Enterprising the Data Center with Flash

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Driving the Storage Revolution

NVMe is breaking the data storage bottleneck. By delivering huge bandwidth and low latency it dramatically increases workload performance for the data center. Learn more and join the revolution.

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How to Harness Big Data

Micron enterprise-grade SSDs deliver the storage performance data analytics engines demand—enabling them to start working sooner and keep working faster—for better, more meaningful results. View our infographic to learn more.

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Unleashing Big Data Value

Analytics 2.6X to 15X Faster on Virtualized Hadoop with Micron SSDs

High Performance

Faster Data Processing

More Confident, Better Results
Virtualized Environments

Micron’s M510DC SSD

The Right Storage for Virtualized Hadoop

Amazing Results

From Standard Benchmark Tests

9100 MAX PCIe® NVMeTM SSD: Energy Drink for Apache Cassandra™

The 9100 MAX SSD Gives Cassandra a Double-Shot Boost: Nearly 80,000 Operations per Second on Busy Systems With Very Low Latency

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Why Micron for Storage

Darren Thomas and Mark Glasgow discuss why flash is the future of storage, and why Micron is leading the storage revolution.

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It’s Time to Move Your Critical Data to SSDs

This white paper explores the growing use of SSDs in building better data storage platforms and their ability to improve the total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprise data storage solutions.

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