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Why Micron for the Enterprise

How Memory and Storage Technologies Are Transforming Enterprise Computing

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The Myth of HDD Endurance

One of the major hurdles for SSD adoption in the data center is what I like to call ‘endurance anxiety’. We all know that NAND-based SSDs have a finite number of bits they can write during their lifetime. We call this endurance and it is a well-known property. The issue arises for customers moving from HDDs to SSDs because HDDs have unlimited endurance, or so we are led to believe.

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Securing Your Data in an Increasingly Insecure World

Learn about data security considerations, system requirements and setup options, as well as TCG Enterprise Specifications.

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Five Myths About Encrypted SSDs

Encryption of stored data is an effective and efficient way to protect sensitive information.

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How to Fight the Big Data Avalanche

Real-time analytics on big data sets requires a new infrastructure approach—not a rehash of old methods

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