Imagine the Impact Across the Data Center

See how just one SATA SSD offers significantly better performance and lower TCO than an entire server rack of HDDs.

Join the SOLID Storage Revolution. Because Spinning Media is Winding Down.

Refresh your data center the fast, easy and affordable way with Micron 5200 SSDs

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Transitioning to the Micron 5200 is fast, easy and smart.

Learn more on how the 5200 compares to other SATA enterprise SSDs on the market.

Turn Massive SQL Data Into Real Insights 13X Faster

Learn More From Your Data With Micron 8TB ECO SATA SSDs

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Learn how to enhance data security by configuring a Micron SATA SSD with TCG Enterprise encryption.

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Micron Flex Capacity Feature — Tunable Storage in a Flash

Micron’s FlexPro™ is an advanced SSD firmware architecture is designed to unleash the true capabilities of the storage media, providing IT administrators the ability to tune the drive so that it meets specific workload characteristics such as performance, endurance and security.

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