Advantages of SSD in the data center

Your foundation for business agility and success

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High functioning data centers require performance, availability, scalability, and manageability.

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NVDIMMs: Persistent Memory Performance

Micron’s nonvolatile DIMMs combine the speed of DRAM with the persistent storage of NAND flash to remove I/O bottlenecks and deliver big performance.

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Micron® Flex Capacity Feature — Tunable Storage in a Flash

Micron’s FlexPro™ is an advanced SSD firmware architecture is designed to unleash the true capabilities of the storage media, providing IT administrators the ability to tune the drive so that it meets specific workload characteristics such as performance, endurance and security.

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SSDs Give You More from Your CPU Investment

Data hungry applications demand fast storage. Drive your data farther, faster with SSDs.

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A Storage Revolution
is at Hand

What's Your Data Storage Challenge?

Three people, three data storage challenges. When it came down to the total cost of legacy hard disk drives (HDDs) vs. solid state drives (SSDs), SSDs came out the winner.

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Decrease licenses and costs and increase performance by maximizing CPU cores with DRAM and SSDs

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NVMe in your Data Center – Preparing For Tomorrow Today

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Cashman Photo Reaps Performance Benefits with the Micron 5100 SSD

Learn how the 5100 ECO helped Cashman Photo store more of their ever-expanding data in a smaller footprint while providing faster file access and asset transmission.

Why Flash for Big Data: Big Data Analytics and Flash-Based Storage: Smaller, Simpler, Faster and Better

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Why Flash for Security

Keep Your Data Secure: Fighting Back With Flash

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